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The New Era of Customer Service

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Ahead of the Rest of Them – Staying Updated in Your Industry

We are all well aware of the pace that the business world currently finds itself residing.  With new projects, old projects and the ongoing process of innovation, it can seem an insurmountable task to keep up with industry specific news and trends.  No matter what industry you call home, this is an information source that … Continue reading

Five Helpful Tips to a Successful Interview

Nerves always play a factor when sitting for an interview.  Even if fear is not causing those nerves, anxiousness surely will.  The key to defeating these nerves is to channel that energy into enthusiasm and confidence.  If you ever wondered if a potential employer could sense your anxiety, chances are they most certainly did.  Don’t … Continue reading

Josh Bronson – LinkedIn

In this down and out economy, facing what will promise to be a lengthy ordeal, businesses are failing at an alarming rate.  Businesses have a dismal five-year success rate and that only accounts for the businesses that have bothered actually registering.  I can’t give you a one size fits all solution that will guarantee your business wont fail.  However, I will inform you of some key tips that can provide you with the tools to save your business yourself.  With that said, lets run through the tips.

1.  Rely on facts, not emotions to make sound business decisions.
I really want to stress the importance of this tip.  When making business decisions in this overwhelmingly fast paced world we find ourselves in, you truly need to base your choices on factual data.  Human emotion is a beautiful thing and some times relying on emotion may provide a desirable result, but if you want to proceed through the decision-making process efficiently and effectively then facts are always the best option for reliance.
2.  Do an extensive SWOT Analysis.
I know what you’re thinking, this one sort of feels like a gimme right?  Well believe it or not, this tool is certainly not utilized as often as it should be.  This can be a crucial step and some times could even be the only necessary one to calm the woes of a shaky business.
3.  Address the areas of the business that are losing and/or costing the most money.
Now I know nobody likes layoffs, enjoys cancellations of perk programs and rewards, or even tightening the belt in a reasonable fashion, but times are hard and nobody told you that running a business was going to prove to be a joyous situation for any length of time.  Even high-profile executives are doing their own administrative work in this cash strapped economy.  You need to make tough choices and do what is right for your business, feeling bad now will some times provide you with the longevity you are after for your business.
4.  Consider taking this opportunity to branch out.
That’s right, diversify!  Diversification has proven to be one of the most valuable assets of every aspect of business, so apply it liberally.  Whether you offer goods or services, diversification can provide that extra revenue you depend on in the periods when your niche good/service is not performing at capacity.
5.  Consider implementing a new marketing strategy.
Believe me when I say I understand your concern as I mention this tip.  While most of you are probably shunning me, thinking this tip is crazy and misguided seeing as marketing can be an expensive undertaking… especially when we are here talking about failing businesses.  The first thing I will say to that concern is this, you can’t afford not to utilize new and unique marketing opportunities.  Secondly, with the extensive buffet of options out there such as Groupon, Living Social, and of course the endless list of social networking platforms, the possibilities are endless and affordable!  I will point out however that social media can be a double-edged sword.  You can easily do more damage than good when it comes to social networking, but the specifics of SMM I will dive more deeply into in future articles.
6.  Know when to call it quits!
This last tip is usually not a popular idea.  Unfortunately, truth does have a tendency to hurt.  Don’t mistake my intentions, this tip is not a nice way of saying “give up”.  In fact my intent is the exact opposite.  Some times facts are missed, markets are misjudged or the right product meets the wrong business model or vice versa.  Try, try again.  Failing is just an opportunity to reinvent the wheel and shine with your tremendous abilities.
In closing I would like to point out that taking the time to search for solutions, even reading articles like this already proves that you are serious about your intentions of keeping your business above water, and these tips of course are meant to be taking loosely.  Ever businessperson has to critique the tools and these solutions to fit their specific situations.  Thank you for taking the time to explore new ideas and put thoughts into action.  Please, continue your entrepreneurial conquest and live to fight another day.

Three Easy Steps You Can Take to Sell More!

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